Synthesis of nanostructured aluminium matrix composite (AMC) through machining

R. Sasikumar*, R. M. Arunachalam

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In recent years, the nanostructured materials played a vital role in materials science engineering. Because of a reduction in the characteristic length such as the grain size or the cluster of molecular size, the normal properties of materials are drastically changed. By large strain plastic deformation of materials the grain sizes are refined in the range of submicrometer level. In this research Aluminium Metal Matrix composites (AMC) casting consisting of 85%Vol. Aluminium alloy (LM25) and 15%Vol. Silicon carbide (SiC) particle has been prepared through stir casting. A preliminary study has been carried out in oblique cutting conditions so as to obtain a high strain rate. The casted AMC was machined using coated tungsten carbide cutting tools and the collected chips were characterized using SEM and XRD. The result shows that machined chip microstructures are refined in the submicrometer level due to large strain deformation imposed by the cutting tool. Crystalline sizes and microhardness values have also been studied.

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