Sustainable planning development model for basic education schools in oman

Wajeha Thabet Khadem Al-Ani*, Abdullah Salim Al-Shanfari, Ismail Hussein Amzat

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This study investigates to what extent the school principals and teachers can implement the sustainable planning in their schools. Besides, it examines the indicators and predictors or factors that can lead to a sustainable planning in the Basic education schools in Oman. The samples were taken from every school in the region in Oman by taking 20% from each population. The study is a survey in natural resource and Factor Analysis was used to determine the initial factors and the factor loadings. Confirmatory Factor Analysis or Measurement Model was employed to determine the model-fit items and to determine the indicator for each observed or latent variable as well as the highest factor that leads to the school sustainable planning in Oman or factors that predicts the planning sustainability. The results of the study show that: (i) staff collaboration forecasts achieving the mission and the vision of the school, (ii) conducting the educational activities that meet the students' needs (iii) forecasts the knowledge development, (iv) water consumption forecasts maintaining building and administration, (v) providing learning environment in developing professionalism (vi) forecasts school and environment development, and (vii) parents' involvement forecasts a strong community partnership. Overall, the community partnership factor was considered the best and significant factor that predicts or leads to sustainable planning in the primary and the secondary schools in Oman.

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حالة النشرPublished - يونيو 2011

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