The Structure and Resource Challenges that face Lessen from Specialist Views in State School in Sultanate of Oman

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The purpose of the current study was to identify the
Structure and Resource challenges that face the physical
education lesson from the physical education Specialist in Oman,
in addition to determine the differences in the level of challenges
according to the variables of (experience of teaching, educational
stage). To achieve that the study was carried out on a random
sample that consisted of (100) Physical Education teachers,
inspector and clinical practitioner in the State schools in Oman.
The descriptive survey approach was used for its suitability to
the study targets, and the questionnaires has been utilized as a
tool to gather data. The statistical analysis was performed on
The results of the study indicated that the level of
challenges that face the lesson of physical education from the
view of Specialist in physical education in Oman was the highest
challenges were face the Physical Education level is luck of
resource, whilst the lowest challenges were on the domain of the
society lowest states.
The study recommends many recommendations, were
the most important were the need of increasing the number
physical education by the ministry of education provides needed
equipment to the schools and increasing the number of physical
education lessons during the school week program.
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  • Physical Education Lesson, Challenges, Structures, Resources, Teacher.

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