Study of Turbulence in Open Channels Using Two-Equation Models

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Prediction of the sediment transport in streams requires an accurate estimation of bed shear stress (for bed load) and eddy viscosity (for suspended load). In general, shallow water models employ empirical relationships to estimate the bottom shear stress. However, with the advancement of computing systems, the utilization of advanced turbulence models is getting common. In this paper, a number of model versions are reviewed based on their predictive abilities against the well-known bottom boundary layer properties in open channels and computational economy. Qualitative and quantitative comparisons have been made to infer that the choice of model versions should be based on the field application. For example, the bottom shear stress is very well predicted by the k- model whereas the cross-stream velocity profile and turbulent kinetic energy are predicted more efficiently by k- model versions. This study may be useful for researchers and practicing engineers in selecting a suitable two-equation model for calculating various bottom boundary layer properties.
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عنوان منشور المضيفProceedings, The 2nd International Conference on Civil Infrastructure and Construction
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