Strategies of enzyme immobilization on nanomatrix supports and their intracellular delivery

Majid Sharifi, Abdulkarim Yasin Karim, Nadir Mustafa Qadir Nanakali, Abbas Salihi, Falah Mohammad Aziz, Jun Hong, Rizwan Hasan Khan, Ali Akbar Saboury, Anwarul Hasan, Osama K. Abou-Zied, Mojtaba Falahati*

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Enzymes are one of the foundations and regulators for all major biological activities in living bodies. Hence, enormous efforts have been made for enhancing the efficiency of enzymes under different conditions. The use of nanomaterials as novel carriers for enzyme delivery and regulating the activities of enzymes has stimulated significant interests in the field of nano-biotechnology for biomedical applications. Since, all types of nanoparticles (NPs) offer large surface to volume ratios, the use of NPs as enzyme carriers affect the structure, performance, loading efficiency, and the reaction kinetics of enzymes. Hence, the immobilization of enzymes on nanomatrices can be used as a useful approach for direct delivery of therapeutic enzymes to the targeted sites. In other words, NPs can be used as advanced enzyme delivery nanocarriers. In this paper, we present an overview of different binding of enzymes to the nanomaterials as well as different types of nanomatrix supports for immobilization of enzymes. Afterwards, the enzyme immobilization on nanomaterials as a potential system for enzyme delivery has been discussed. Finally, the challenges associated with the enzyme delivery using nano matrices and their future perspective have been discussed. Communicated by Ramasamy H. Sarma.

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دوريةJournal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
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