Service quality aspects and sports scientific conventions: An experience from Iran

Mahdi Talebpour*, Zahed Ghaderi, Mojtaba Rajabi, Mohammad Mosalanejad, Mohammad Ali Sahebkaran

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This study investigates the role of service quality aspects in a Sport Scientific Convention held in Mashhad, Iran in 2015. A sample of 175 conference attendees were targeted to investigate the quality of services offered, their satisfaction, and intention to return. However, the findings show that the quality of access to destination and venue affect service accessibility quality. The hotel value and hotel staff interaction affect accommodation quality, but the atmosphere of the hotel does not. The internal environment of the venue and its staff interaction affect venue quality in a direct and meaningful way, but venue value does not. In addition, convention process and product affect convention quality in a direct and meaningful way. There is also a direct and meaningful relationship between accommodation quality, venue, and convention quality, and service quality in the sports scientific convention. Access quality, however, is not a part of this relationship. On the other hand, there is a relationship between access quality and satisfaction, and satisfaction affects participants' intent to return to the convention.

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