Scapular Bronchogenic cyst: A case report and literature review

Zainab Al-Balushi*, Mohammad T. Ehsan, Dhuha Al Sajee, Marwa Al Riyami

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Bronchogenic cysts originate from abnormal budding of the tracheal diverticula during the embryological period. Inaccuracy in the process of growing of the ventral foregut will give rise to bronchogenic cyst. Scapular bronchogenic cyst is an extremely rare form of this anomaly. A three years old boy suffered for 2 years with left sided suprascapular cystic lesion which was gradually increasing in size. The swelling was 4 × 3 cm in size and non tender. The cyst was evaluated by CT scan that showed complex cystic lesion over the left scapular spine. Total excision of the cyst was done and histopathology showed cutaneous bronchogenic cyst. The proposed mechanism for such cutaneous lesion is that the accessory buds from the tracheobronchial tree/primitive foregut migrated from the thorax in an aberrant manner to lie in periscapular positions. The definitive treatment of scapular lesions is total surgical excision. The final diagnosis is based on the histopathological findings in the majority of cases.

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