Role of the family in Treatment Decision-Making process for Omani women diagnosed with breast cancer

Abdulrahim Al-Bahri, Mansour Al-Moundhri, Zahid Al-Mandhari, Mohammed Al-Azri*

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Objective: There is limited number of studies from Arabic countries on the participation of family members in Treatment decision-making (TDM) process. The aim of this study is to evaluate the role of family members in the TDM process among adult Omani women diagnosed with breast cancer. Methods: A cross-sectional study has been conducted with women diagnosed with breast cancer and their nominated family members. Results: A total of 79 patients and their nominated family members participated. The family members who were most engaged in the TDM were more likely to be young, male, employed and first-degree relative. The following characteristics of patients associated with more family-controlled the TDM: being older (crude odds ratio [OR] = 7.71; 95% confidence interval [CI]: 2.28–22.20), no formal education (OR = 0.18; 95% CI: 0.54) and diagnosed at stage IV (OR = 6.55; 95% CI: 1.89–22.65). The family members who dominate communication with the oncologists were more likely to control the TDM (OR = 6.03; 95% CI: 1.78–20.42). Conclusion: Several factors influence the TDM process including age, gender, employments status, educational level and capability of communication. Practice implications: The TDM process is heavily involves family members. This should be taking in consideration by oncologists during counselling in order to reach the best treatment.

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