Robust Operation of Hybrid Solar–Wind Power Plant with Battery Energy Storage System

Mostafa Bakhtvar, Amer Al-Hinai*

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The intraday continuous electricity market (ICM) is a potential target market for the Dispatchable Hybrid Renewable solar–wind–battery energy storage system (BESS) power plant (DHRB). However, the uncertainty of the electricity price jeopardizes economic justification of BESS operation, an essential component of DHRB. Using the duality theory, this paper proposes a unilevel mixed-integer linear programming rolling-approach-based robust optimal scheduling tool for DHRB that keeps BESS operation optimal should the worst price scenario occur. It reflects BESS’s degradation as penalty factors and also integrates a BESS degradation model in the scheduling tool for better assessment of the available resources through the BESS’s lifetime. This tool aids the DHRB operator to decide the power offer to the ICM in such a way that the BESS’s operation remains optimal. A case study is carried out to demonstrate the application of the proposed tool. Both the long-term and short-term losses/benefits of utilizing this tool for scheduling DHRB in the ICM are investigated at various uncertainty levels. It is shown that there will be a risk of loss of income for the DHRB in the short-term due to increased nondispatchable energy. However, by limiting the use of BESS to only those settlement periods that are either certainly profitable or unavoidable, the lifetime of BESS can potentially be extended. Hence, this can result in more income by the DHRB power plant in the long-term.

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