Robust attitude control of the three-dimensional unknown chaotic satellite system

Muhammad Shafiq, Israr Ahmad*, O. Abdullah Almatroud, M. Mossa Al-Sawalha

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This paper proposes a novel continuous-time robust direct adaptive controller for the attitude control of the three-dimensional unknown chaotic spacecraft system. It considers that the plant’s nonlinear terms, exogenous disturbances, and model uncertainties are unknown and bounded; the controller design is independent of the system’s nonlinear terms. These controller attributes flourish the robust performance of the closed-loop and establish smooth state vector convergence to zero. The proposed controller consists of three parts: (1) a linear controller establishes the stability of the closed-loop at the origin, (2) a nonlinear controller component that autonomously adjusts the feedback gain, and (3) a nonlinear adaptive controller compensates for the model uncertainties and external disturbances using the online estimates of bounds and model uncertainties. The output of this part remains within a given upper and lower bound. The feedback controller gain is large when the state variables are away from the origin and become small in the origin’s vicinity. This feature is novel and contributes to the synthesis of smooth control effort that establishes robust fast and oscillation-free convergence of the state variables to zero. The Lyapunov direct stability analysis assures the global asymptotic robust stability of the closed-loop. Computer simulations and comparative analysis are included to verify the theoretical findings.

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