Rendezvous with IQ: Metacognition in real-life situations

Yasser A. Al-Hilawani*

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The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between metacognition as measured in real-life situations and IQ scores as reflected by performance on the Raven Standard Progressive Matrices Scale. It is also intended in this study to report on whether or not there were significant differences in performance on the metacognitive instrument (i.e. metacognitive test, reaction time, and metacognitive test scores divided by mean reaction time) among participants with typical development, deaf and hard-of-hearing (dhh), and low-achieving individuals with and without the influence of IQ. Analysis showed significant correlations between IQ, metacognitive test, and metacognitive test scores divided by mean reaction time but not with reaction time itself. Results revealed the influence of IQ on metacognition being greater than the influence of metacognition on IQ. Results showed when controlling for the effect of IQ, differences among the three groups of participants on the metacognitive instrument become non-significant. Implications and suggestions are presented.

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