Renal and myocardial histopathology and morphometry in rats with adenine - Induced chronic renal failure: Influence of gum acacia

Badreldin H. Ali, Ibrahim Inuwa, Mohamed Al Za'Abi, Shadia Al Bahlani, Halima Al Issaei, Aishwarya Ramkumar, Thulasi Madanagopal, Abedrrahim Nemmar, Denise M. Malheiros, Roberto Zatz

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Background/Aim: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is associated with increased occurrence of cardiovascular system dysfunction. Previous studies have revealed a number of alterations in the kidneys and heart during CKD. However, unbiased quantitative studies on these structures in this disease have so far not been addressed. Materials and Methods: We induced CKD in rats by feeding adenine (0.75% w/w , four weeks) and using unbiased stereological methods, investigated the effect of the ensuing CKD on the kidneys and left ventricular structure. Since gum acacia (GA) has previously been shown to ameliorate the severity of CKD in humans and rodents, we investigated the effect of giving GA (15% w/v in the drinking water concomitantly with adenine) on the kidneys and left ventricular structure using the above model. Results: The CKD was confirmed by standard biochemical indices in plasma and urine and by accumulation of the uremic toxin indoxyl sulfate. Additionally, it increased blood pressure. In rats with CKD absolute volume of left ventricle was significantly increased, and the volume density and absolute volume of myocardial capillaries were decreased, whilst the same parameters of myocardium and interstitial tissue were increased. Renal morphometry demonstrated significant increase in kidney volume and interstitial tissue in adenine- treated rats. Similarly, glomerular Bowman's capsule was significantly thickened. The myocardial and renal changes were significantly mitigated by GA treatment. Conclusions: These results add to our existing knowledge of the pathophysiology of adenine - CKD and provides plausible histopathological and morphometric evidence for the usefulness of GA in CKD.

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