Radionuclide findings of pyomyositis

L. Lamki, R. B. Willis

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Pyomyositis is a common entity in the tropical countries both in adults and in children. It is rare in the temperate countries and, in fact, so uncommon that it is often mistaken for a malignant tumor even after an arteriogram is performed. 'Tropical' pyomyositis, as it is often referred to, is a deep intramuscular abscess involving a large muscle belly. The involved muscle is clinically firm, tender, and swollen with normal overlying skin and subcutaneous tissue. The patient usually has a low grade fever. The disease is not associated with high morbidity. These findings are 'typical' in the tropics and the diagnosis is straightforward. However, when the same clinical situation occurs in the temperate countries, it is often misdiagnosed. We recently came across a Canadian child with 'tropical' pyomyositis involving the gastocnemius muscles and we had the opportunity to study the condition with radionuclides, including a bone scan and a gallium scan.

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