Public Diplomacy Of Oman

M. Cuneyt Yenigun*, Houchang Yari, Abdullah Al Maani

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Oman is an under-studied country in scholarly circles despite its unique and exclusive role in the arduous fields of international conflict mediation and resolution. The present study seeks to an unassuming manner fill this gap a little in the field of Oman’s foreign policy. The new and diverse instruments of public diplomacy are increasing their influence and relevancy as well as in the world. Today, the range of new at the disposal of public diplomacy has been growing exponentially. These are the diaspora, relations with IGOs, infomercials, news agencies, scholarships, social media tools, cultural centers, cooking, music, different types of exchange programs, etc. The number of these public diplomacy tools that we updated in this research is 37. Those instruments are used to study the implementation of public diplomacy in Oman. The paper focuses on how Oman practices its public diplomacy with new instruments in the region and beyond. It first examines rhetoric’s practical applications. It then analysis some 431 responses to our electronic and physical surveys carried out in 63 countries by the aim of understanding the level of appreciation of Oman's public diplomacy worldwide. After a careful analysis of the results of the survey, it became clear that Oman needs a modern set of tools and strong strategies if she hopes to successfully implement and achieve the goals of its public diplomacy.
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حالة النشرPublished - يونيو 2021


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