Properties of concrete with ferrochrome slag as a fine aggregate at elevated temperatures

M. Zahedul Islam, Kazi M.A. Sohel*, Khalifa Al-Jabri, A. Al Harthy

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Ferrochrome slag (FCS) possesses promising properties that promote its use as an alternative to natural aggregates in concrete production. Still, there is a concern about the effect of high-temperature exposure on the properties of concrete containing FCS aggregate. Therefore, due to durability and structural fire safety, it is necessary to evaluate the properties of FCS concrete after being exposed to elevated temperatures. The present study investigates the effect of FCS fine aggregate on the physical and mechanical properties of concrete at room and elevated temperatures (i.e., 200−1000 °C). Microstructural properties at high temperatures were also evaluated using SEM-EDS analysis. The results showed an improvement in the mechanical properties of concrete with FCS fine aggregate compared to conventional concrete. After being exposed to high temperatures, the concrete containing FCS fine aggregate showed less reduction in strength properties and mass than conventional concrete. Such improvements in mechanical and physical properties are achieved due to the chemical composition and surface texture of the FCS aggregate. Microstructural observation and ultrasonic pulse velocity confirmed that FCS concrete suffered less damage upon exposure to high temperatures. Furthermore, the effect of high temperatures on the strength properties of FCS concrete is consistent with the recommendations of the codes (Eurocode 2 and ACI 216.1).

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دوريةCase Studies in Construction Materials
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حالة النشرPublished - ديسمبر 2021

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