Privacy Concerns In IoT A Deeper Insight into Privacy Concerns in IoT Based Healthcare

Mohamed Sarrab, Fatma Alshohoumi

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IoT technology provides great solutions in many fields including healthcare, military, logistics, etc. It aims to collect data and process it to provide useful services and knowledge. However, a tradeoff exists between collecting data and providing services wherein the service providers have to deal with the data of individuals to deliver tailored services and the individuals have concerns about their privacy. Revealing of user's information leads to a compromise in user privacy. IoT devices leak sensitive information prone to misuse. This study conducts a deeper investigation into IoT data privacy. It discusses the IoT privacy concerns in healthcare and provides a complete scenario of the IoT data flow with privacy concerns. Moreover, the paper thoroughly discusses privacy in the IoT data flow in IoT-based healthcare and suggests privacy solutions in each phase. The paper's outcomes showed that privacy in the IoT occurs at different stages of the IoT data flow. It also showed that the types of privacy concerns and the mitigation mechanisms differ at each phase of IoT data. Future research will extend this work to design privacy preservation mechanisms that suit the nature of IoT-based healthcare.

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