Prioritising mobile learning application requirements

Asharul Islam Khan*, Zuhoor Al-Khanjari, Mohamed K. Sarrab

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Mobile technology has become an integral part of human life. Nowadays, people have started using mobile devices and communication network in educational, commerce, and health domain. Mobile learning (M-learning i.e., learning using portable devices) application development is affected due to changing technology and users’ requirements. M-learning stakeholders face difficulty in reaching consensus on the available requirements implementation priority during design and development of M-learning application. Moreover, there is insufficient research to draw firm conclusion on suitable method for requirements prioritisation in M-learning application development. Therefore, this paper presents a requirements prioritisation scenario for M-learning application development. The requirements prioritisation scenario has four steps: identification of stakeholders, prioritisation of requirements by identified stakeholders, analysis of prioritised requirements, and assigning final priority to the requirements by analyst. The process is repeated iteratively. The requirements prioritisation scenario is implemented in a case study to understand the feasibility in the actual use.

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