Prediction of flexural fatigue life and failure probability of normal weight concrete

K. M.A. Sohel*, M. H.S. Al-Hinai, Ali Al Nuaimi, M. Al-Shahri, S. El-Gamal

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Fatigue life has to be considered in the design of many concrete structures at various stress levels and stress ratios. Many flexural fatigue test results of plain normal-weight concrete are available in the literature and almost every set of test results provides different fatigue equations. It is necessary, though, to have a common fatigue equation to predict the design fatigue life of concrete structures under flexural load with reasonable accuracy. Therefore, a database of flexural fatigue test results was created for concrete with strengths ranging from 25 to 65 MPa; this database was used to derive new fatigue equations (Wöhler fatigue equation and S-N power relationship) for predicting the flexural fatigue life of normal-weight concrete. The concept of equivalent fatigue life was introduced to obtain a fatigue equation using the same stress ratio. A probabilistic analysis was also carried out to develop flexural fatigue equations that incorporate failure probabilities.

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