Powerformers: A breakthrough of high-voltage power generators

Ibrahim A. Metwally, R. M. Radwan, A. M. Abou-Elyazied

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Some of the new products have been introduced, such as powerformer and dryformer, to bring some changes in high-voltage insulation systems so that safer and more reliable operations can be produced. Powerformer is a new generator that can be directly connected to the transmission network without the need for a step-up transformer. The ability of powerformer to generate electricity at transmission voltage levels offers considerable gain with respect to reactive power production and plant efficiency. The powerformer is developed with innovative features that enable it to connect directly to the transmission grid. The upper limit for the output voltage from the powerformer is set by state-of-the-art XLPE power-technology. The development of the powerformer is inherently linked to the reliability and the development of the XLPE-insulated cables. Powerformers revolutionize the age of old power generation technology and signal a quantum leap in electrical engineering.

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