Piezoelectric ceramic for energy harvesting from ambient vibration

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Direct piezoelectric conversion is very popular in generating power from mechanical stress. There is continuous progress in power harvesting from mechanical vibration. In this article, experimental tests on a piezoelectric circular plate, to evaluate the electric power produced by the piezoelectric conversion at low acceleration over a wide range of ambient vibration frequency, are presented. The experimental analysis is presented and discussed. The results demonstrate the potentiality of using low-cost piezoelectric diaphragms to harvest energy from ambient vibration. Under low acceleration (5.36 m/s2), the vibration frequency was varied in the range of 10–200 Hz and the generated power was measured. Under a very small dynamic force (less than 0.06 N), the output power of 1.5 mW was obtained with an 8.5 mm drum harvester across a load resistance of 17.8 kΩ at a frequency of 173 Hz.

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