Performance of cement-based patch repair materials in plain and reinforced concrete members

A. H. Al-Saidy*

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Structural elements such as beams, slabs, and columns may require strengthening or repair during their service life. Different repair materials (RMs) are available and it is usually difficult to choose the best ones, especially when considering the cost of such materials. This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation of patch RMs on plain concrete prisms as well as on reinforced concrete beams. Three cement-based RMs available in the market with different mechanical properties and an ordinary Portland cement (OPC) mix produced in the lab were used in the study. Damage was induced in prisms/beams and then repaired using different materials. The experimental work included assessment of the flexural strength of damaged/repaired plain concrete prisms; slant shear (bond) strength between the concrete and the RM; axial strength of damaged/repaired plain concrete prisms and bond of the repair materials in damaged/repaired reinforced concrete beams loaded to failure. The test results showed that all RMs performed well in restoring the strength of damaged plain concrete. Compatibility of the RMs with substrate concrete was found to be more important in the behavior than superior mechanical properties of the RMs. No difference was noted in the behavior between the RMs in repairing reinforced concrete beams at the tension side.

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