Perceptions of Information Literacy Skills among Undergraduate Students in the Social Media Environment

Ali Saif Al-Aufi*, Hamed Mohamed Al-Azri, Nihad Ali Al-Hadi

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This study assessed information literacy perceptions of undergraduate students at Sultan Qaboos University in their use of social media. A quantitative approach was used to collect data from undergraduate students. The study consisted of 1,142 completed questionnaires by randomly selected participants. The results demonstrated overall moderate levels of perceptions toward the evaluation of information, information ethics, legal issues, and privacy issues. In evaluation of information, credibility of information was considered as an important factor to decide whether to use information for academic purposes. This study signifies the importance of understanding perceptions of information literacy among undergraduate students in a specific socio-cultural context. The results can also be generalized to similar academic institutions worldwide. It is also hoped that the study's findings will assist in developing contextual training programs or information literacy quizzes to promote information literacy in the social media environment.

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