Perception of quality of life amongst end stage renal failure patients undergoing haemodialysis

S. E. Ho, C. C.K. Ho*, N. Norshazwani, K. H. Teoh, M. S. Ismail, M. Z. Jaafar, S. Das

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Aim: The objective of the study was to examine the quality of life amongst the end stage renal disease (ESRD) haemodialysis patients in Malaysia. Materials and Methods: A cross sectional descriptive study was conducted on 72 ESRD patients at a Dialysis Centre in Malaysia. The modified KDQOL-SF™ subscales, kidney disease-targeted scale and 36 item health survey scale questionnaires were used. Results: The overall health rating was 66.73±11.670 indicating good quality of life. There was no significant difference between quality of life for the different domains according to gender (p >0.05). However, there were significant differences between quality of life in the domain of burden of kidney disease. Physical functioning deteriorated significantly with age (p=0.012) while social functioning was lowest in the 50-65 years age group (p=0.037). Those who had no morbidities had significantly better scores on the effects of kidney (p=0.036), burden of kidney disease (p=0.011) and physical functioning (p=0.025). Conclusion: Patients undergoing haemodialysis have been found to have good quality of life despite having ESRD. It is therefore of paramount importance to constantly monitor the standard of care for these patients to enable them to live their life to the fullest.

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