Partial distance-learning training for information technology higher education trainers

Ahmed Al Naamany*, Hadj Bourdoucen, Joseph Jervase, Mohamed Elzain

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Teachers must be able to adapt to a rapidly changing IT knowledge and technology. This requirement is further compounded by the need that this knowledge and technology be incorporated in the curriculum at the same rate. This paper presents a strategic approach for updating curriculum and technical know-how of information technology through training the IT trainers. This approach is expected to help modernize the IT training in the developing country by educating the youth who are at the receiving end of this training. In order to ensure the economic feasibility of this approach, teaching methods conducted were based on a combination of traditional methods and modern distance learning techniques.

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عنوان منشور المضيفEducation for the 21st Century - Impact of ICT and Digital Resources
العنوان الفرعي لمنشور المضيفIFIP 19th World Computer Congress, TC-3, Education, August 21-24, 2006, Santiago, Chile
المحررونDeepak Kumar, Joe Turner
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حالة النشرPublished - 2006

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