On the need to reconsider water management in Kuwait

Ali Mohamed Al-Damkhi, S. A. Abdul-Wahab, A. S. Al-Nafisi

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Kuwait is located within the arid and semi-arid Middle Eastern and North Africa region, which suffers fresh water scarcity. Nevertheless, its daily consumption of water per capita is among the highest in the world and the public remains unaware to the water shortage menace. This paper provide some evidences that show the decline of water resources and deterioration of its quality in Kuwait, and points out to the reasons behind the continuous wasteful consumption of this precious natural resource. To address this threatening problem, the paper suggests several proposals to sustainably manage water resources in Kuwait. In addition to raising the awareness level among the public, the authors emphasized that any proposed master plan should shift the goal of water management from increasing supply to improving supply reliability and quality using clean technologies and adopting new environmental policy.

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حالة النشرPublished - ديسمبر 2009

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