On finding the most BCC-efficient DMU: A new integrated MIP-DEA model

Mehdi Toloo*

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This paper proposes a new integrated mixed integer programing - data envelopment analysis (MIP-DEA) model to improve the integrated DEA model which was introduced by Toloo & Nalchigar [M. Toloo, S. Nalchigar. A new integrated DEA model for finding most BCC-efficient DMU. Appl. Math. Model. 33 (2009) 597-60]. In this study some problems of applying Toloo & Nalchigar's model are addressed. A new integrated MIP-DEA model is then introduced to determine the most BCC-efficient decision making unit (DMU). Moreover, it is mathematically proved that the new model identifies only a single BCC-efficient DMU by a common set of optimal weights. To show applicability of proposed models, a numerical example is used which contains a real data set of nineteen facility layout designs (FLDs).

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