Ocular cysticercosis at a teaching hospital in Northern India

Rajendra Maurya, C. P. Mishra, Meghna Roy, Virendra Singh, Mahendra Singh, Mahima Yadav, Abdullah Al-Mujaini*

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BACKGROUND: Ocular cysticercosis (OC) is common in tropical countries. This study aimed to analyze the clinical presentation patterns, management and treatment outcomes of OC cases seen at a teaching hospital in North India. METHODS: This study took place between March 2014 and February 2019. A total of 36 patients with OC were analyzed to determine clinical presentation and outcomes. RESULTS: Of the 36 patients, 13 (36.11%) were male and 23 (63.89%) were female. The most frequently affected age group was 10-29 years (n = 22; 61.11%). All of the patients had unilateral lesions, with involvement of the left eye in 22 (61.11%) and the right in 14 (38.89%). The majority of cases were isolated to the ocular region; however, five (13.89%) demonstrated neural involvement as well. In terms of cyst location, 15 (41.67%) were orbital, 13 (36.11%) were subconjunctival and four each (11.11%) were intraocular or on the eyelid. The most common clinical presentations were subconjunctival masses or proptosis in 13 each (36.11%) and periorbital swelling in 12 (33.33%). Most patients received medical treatment (n - 23; 63.89%), while the others required surgical excision. Recurrence was noted in seven patients (19.44%), of which three underwent surgery while the rest were treated medically. Two patients (5.56%) developed phthisis. Conclusions: In this study, OC cysts were more often orbital or subconjunctival compared to findings reported from Western countries. In addition, a female preponderance was noted in contrast to previously reported findings. Advanced radioimaging is crucial to ensure early diagnosis and treatment.

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