Nurses' attitudes towards perinatal bereavement support in Hong Kong: A pilot study

Moon Fai Chan*, Suk Hing Chan, Mary Christine Day

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• The purpose of this study is to explore nurses' attitudes towards perinatal bereavement care and to identify required support and training needs for nurses on bereavement care in Hong Kong. • Data were collected through a structured questionnaire, and 110 nurses were recruited from the obstetrics and gynaecology unit in one of the largest public hospitals in Hong Kong. • The majority of nurses held a positive attitude towards bereavement care. A significant difference in nurses' attitudes towards bereavement support was found in terms of demographics, practical experiences and training factors. • The results showed that only 25.5% (n = 28) of nurses had bereavement-related training. In contrast, 90.9% of nurses showed a positive response to grief training and 90.0% would share experiences with colleagues and seek support when feeling under stress. • The findings also suggest that nurses' attitudes towards bereavement care are positively correlated with bereavement care training needs (r = 0.53) and hospital policy support (r = 0.55). • Hong Kong nurses' attitudes towards perinatal care emphasized their need for increased knowledge and experience, improved communication skills, and greater support from team members and the hospital. These findings may be used for Hong Kong health care professionals to improve support of nurses, to ensure delivery of sensitive bereavement care in perinatal settings and to enhance nursing school curricula.

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