Numerical solution of Stokes flow generated by vortices: Part 2, inside an elliptical cylinder

T. B.A. El Bashir*

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In this second part paper, the two-dimensional flow inside an elliptical cylinder is studied in the presence of no-slip boundary conditions. For simplicity, line vortices are assumed to be parallel to the elliptical cylinder axis, all axes in the same plane. The interior boundary value problem is solved in terms of a stream function. Numerical solutions for the flow field are obtained by application of the boundary element method. The streamline patterns are sketched for a number of special cases where the elliptical cylinder is either stationary or rotating about its own axis. In particular, some interesting flow patterns are observed in the parameter space which may have potential significance in studies of various flows. We also investigate the change in streamline topologies as the parameters are varied. Eddies of various sizes and shapes appear depending on the primary vortices and their locations. The results presented may be relevant for a variety of applications including vortex mixing. The analytical closed-form expressions for the single vortex inside an elliptical cylinder and double vortices inside circular a cylinder are found.

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