Novel surfactants for ultralow interfacial tension in a wide range of surfactant concentration and temperature

Mohamed Aoudia*, Mohamed Nasser Al-Shibli, Liali Hamed Al-Kasimi, Rashid Al-Maamari, Ali Al-Bemani

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This work investigates the possibility of injecting dilute aqueous solutions of novel surfactants into the Yibal field (Sultanate of Oman). This was accomplished through an experimental protocol based on the following criteria: (i) compatibility of the surfactants with the high-saline reservoir water (∼200 g/L); (ii) low interfacial tension (IFT) between crude oil and reservoir water (less than 10-2 mN m-1); and (iii) maintaining the low IFT behavior during the entire surfactant flooding. Novel surfactants selected in this study consist of a series of ether sulfonates (AES-205, AES-128, AES-506, and 7-58) and an amphoteric surfactant (6-105). These surfactants were found to be compatible with reservoir water up to 0.1% surfactant concentration, whereas 6-105 and 7-58 showed compatibility within the full range of surfactant concentration investigated (0.001-0.5%). All surfactant systems displayed dynamic IFT behavior, in which ultralow transient minima were observed in the range 10-4-10-3 mN m -1, followed by an increase in the IFT to equilibrium values in the range 10-3-10-1 mN m-1.The results also showed that with respect to concentration (0.05-0.5 %) and temperature (45-80°C), AES-205 and 7-58 surfactants exhibit a wide range of applicability, with the IFT remaining below 10-2 mN m-1, as required for substantial residual oil recovery. In addition, ultralow IFT were obtained at surfactant concentrations as low as 0.001%, making the use of these surfactants in enhanced oil recovery extremely cost-effective. COPYRIGHT

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