Non-torsional oscillations of a disc in rotating second order fluid

P. D. Verma*, N. C. Sacheti

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This paper deals with the non-torsional oscillations of a disc in rotating second-order fluid. The disc and the fluid are initially in a state of rigid rotation and the non-torsional oscillations in its own plane are then imposed on the disc. The depth of penetration of the oscillations is increased due to the presence of the coefficient of visco-elasticity. It tends to infinity when the frequency of the oscillations is twice the angular velocity of rotation, meaning thereby that no equilibrium boundary layer exist. An initial value problem for two cases-(i) one disc bounding a semi-infinite mass of the fluid, (ii) two discs containing the fluid in between them is discussed. The classical Rayleigh layer for second-order fluid is derived as a particualr case and it is also found that steady Ekman layer is reached for large time.

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