New Side-Looking Rogowski Coil Sensor for Measuring Large-Magnitude Fast Impulse Currents

I. A. Metwally*

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This paper presents a new design of a side-looking “flat spiral” self-integrating Rogowski coil that is wound by twin coaxial cable with individual sheath. The coil is tested with different impulse current waveforms up to 7 kA peak value to improve its performance. The coil design is optimized to achieve bandwidth and sensitivity up to 7.854 MHz and 3.623 V/kA, respectively. The coil is calibrated versus two commercial impulse-current measurement devices at different coil-to-wire separations, coil inclination angles, and impulse current waveforms. Distortion of the coil output voltage waveform is examined by using the lumped-element model to optimize the connections of the four cable winding sheaths and the coil termination resistance. Finally, the coil frequency response is investigated to optimize the coil design parameters and achieve the desired bandwidth (large low-frequency time constant), high rate of rise, no overshoot, very small droop, high rate of fall, and no backswing.

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