Multi-Switching Combination Anti-synchronization of Unknown Hyperchaotic Systems

Muhammad Shafiq, Israr Ahmad*

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The security of the information signal in digital communication systems is an active research problem. This paper proposes a new robust adaptive anti-synchronization control (RAASC) technique and studies the multi-switching combination anti-synchronization (MSCAS) of different unknown hyperchaotic (UH) systems. This controller reduces the overshoots in the transient phase and establishes the anti-synchronization convergence quickly. The proposed MSCAS scheme anti-synchronizes two master UH systems with a slave UH system using the multi-switching mechanism that increases the complexity and enhances the security of the information signal in digital communications. The Lyapunov direct method assures the robust stability of the closed-loop dynamical system. This work provides adaptive laws that estimate the true values of unknown parameters. A numerical example of three different hyperchaotic Pang, Lu and Lorenz–Stenflo systems is simulated. The simulation results verify the theoretical findings. The proposed MSCAS approach is used for the secret communication of digital messages using the chaotic masking technique. The receiver retrieves the information signal with high security and good precession qualitatively, under the effect of different types of disturbances. This paper also discusses the implications of controller constituents of the proposed RAASC algorithm that establishes fast convergence. The article suggests some future research problems related to this work.

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