Molecular blood group screening in Omani blood donors

Arwa Z. Al-Riyami, Dina Al Hinai, Mohammed Al-Rawahi, Saif Al-Hosni, Shoaib Al-Zadjali, Ali Al-Marhoobi, Murtadha Al-Khabori, Hamad Al-Riyami, Gregory A. Denomme

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Background and Objectives: Blood group genotyping has been used in different populations. This study aims at evaluating the genotypes of common blood group antigens in the Omani blood donors and to assess the concordance rate with obtained phenotypes. Material and Methods: Blood samples from 180 Omani donors were evaluated. Samples were typed by serological methods for the five blood group systems MNS, RH (RHD/RHCE), KEL, FY and JK. Samples were genotyped using RBC-FluoGene vERYfy eXtend kit (inno-train©). Predicted phenotypic variants for 70 red blood cell antigens among the MNS, RH (RHD/RHCE), KEL, FY, JK, DO, LU, YT, DI, VEL, CO and KN blood group systems were assessed. Results: Simultaneous phenotype and genotype results were available in 130 subjects. Concordance rate was >95% in all blood group systems with exception of Fy(b+) (87%). Homozygous GATA-1 mutation leading to erythroid silencing FY*02N.01 (resulting in the Fy(b-)ES phenotype) was detected in 81/112 (72%) of genotyped samples. In addition, discrepant Fyb phenotype/genotype result was obtained in 14/112 samples; 13 of which has a heterozygous GATA-1 mutation and one sample with a wild GATA genotype. D and partial e c.733C>G variants expressing the V+VS+ phenotype were found in 22/121 (18.2%) and 14/120 (11.7%) of the samples, respectively. Di(a-b+), Js(a-b+), Yt(a+b-) and Kn(a+b-) genotype frequencies were 99.4%, 95.8%, 91.9% and 97.7%, respectively. Conclusion: In conclusion, we report a high frequency of FY*02N.01 allele due to homozygous c.-67T>C GATA-1 single-nucleotide variation. This is the first study reporting the detailed distribution of common and rare red cell genotypes in Omani blood donors.
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