Modelling of the behaviour of beam-to-column connections at elevated temperature

K. S. Al Jabri*

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Beam-to-column connections are one of the structural elements which were found to be of great significance in enhancing structural behaviour at ambient and elevated temperatures. In general, laboratory experiments provide acceptable results that can describe the behaviour of the beam-to-column connections. However, in many cases experiments are either not feasible or too expensive. Numerical modelling of connections at elevated temperature provides an alternative to experimental testing in investigating the connections behaviour. Therefore, in recent years, various numerical techniques have emerged to simulate the connection response ranging from simple behaviour prediction procedure, to more complicated finite element models. This paper addresses the current developments in the numerical methods that have been developed to simulate the connection behaviour at elevated temperature which could help in providing thorough understanding of the major contribution connections can play in the high performance of structures in fire.

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دوريةHigh Performance Structures and Materials
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حالة النشرPublished - 2004
الحدثSecond International Conference on High Performance Structures and Materials: HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURES AND MATERIALS II - Ancona, Italy
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