Modelling and Analysis of Deformation and Stresses in Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Ahmed Al-Balushi, Khurshid Alam*, Muhammad Iqbal, Afzal Husain, Afaq Ahmad, Abullah Al-Amrani

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This study compares the strength and deformation in blades of a horizontal axis wind turbine made of composite and aluminium alloy. A 3D geometric model was generated and imported into a Finite Element code for the purpose of analysis. The Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis was coupled with structural analysis using one-way fluid structure interaction. The deformation and stresses produced in the two types of blades (aluminium alloy and composite) were analysed and compared. The tip deflection and stress on the blades were related to the wind speed and Yaw angles. The obtained results are compared and discussed in the context of similar studies available in the published literature.

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حالة النشرPublished - فبراير 2023

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