Mobilizing condensate in gas reservoirs - A aumerical simulation study

F. H. Boukadi, M. Al-Wadhahi*, A. Al-Bemani, R. Al-Maamari, H. Al-Hadrami

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A mechanism of a commingled Huff 'n Puff cycles of gas cross flow from a highly pressurized lower formation into a depleted upper formation has proven to be effective in reducing gas-well productivity losses due to near-wellbore condensate dropout. Compositional simulation was used to evaluate the performance of gas wells hampered by liquid dropout and to assess ways of producing the gas field. As a result of liquid re-vaporization the study shows that an appropriate scheduling of huff 'n puff shut-in and production cycles lead into a decline of in-situ liquid dropout and an increase in surface liquid recovery.

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دوريةPetroleum Science and Technology
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حالة النشرPublished - أبريل 2007

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