Mobile learning: A state-of-the-art review survey and analysis

Mohamed Sarrab*, Mahmoud Elbasir

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Mobile learning (M-learning) represents a way to address a number of traditional, distance and electronic learning issues and limitations. Using mobile devices such as PDAs, tablets and smart phones as learning tools enable innovation and support learners, instructors, parents and decision makers accessing to digital material and personalised achievements assessment. Many research studies have been performed in M-learning related to its requirement analysis, design needs and application development issues and challenges. In order to ascertain the current knowledge and research state, an extensive review of M-learning literature and research background have been undertaken to pinpoint and harness potential factors and gaps in its implementation and adoption. This paper surveys the state of the art on the use and research of different aspects related to M-learning following a systematic methodology. The paper seeks in helping researchers to understand and distinguish the main characteristics and features surrounding M-learning in one solid article reviewed 169 selected articles. The effort is part of an Omani-funded research project investigating the development, adoption and dissemination of M-learning in Oman.

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