Microbial cellulases and its potential applications in Oman

Amira A. Al Zadjali*, Saif N. Al Bahry, Nallusamy Sivakumar

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Cellulase is a microbial enzyme, which degrades the cellulose into glucose. There is an increasing interest in the cellulase studies because the produced glucose from cellulose could be used as a substrate to produce biofuels and other important products. The screening and preservation of cellulase producing microorganisms from arid region has a significance industrial importance. Because of the diverse environmental conditions exist in the arid region of Oman, the chances of getting extremophilic cellulase producing microorganisms are more. In this chapter structure of cellulosic biomass, the mode of action of cellulase enzymes, microbial cellulases and their applications are discussed.

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عنوان منشور المضيفBiotechnology and Conservation of Species from Arid Regions
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حالة النشرPublished - أبريل 1 2014

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