Measuring batting parameters in cricket: A two-stage regression-OWA method

Gholam R. Amin*, Sujeet Kumar Sharma

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The selection of cricket players by team selectors and sponsors for endorsement of products is primarily dependent on the performance of players in terms of various parameters in their areas of expertise such as batting or bowling. This paper proposes a two-stage method for measuring and ranking batting parameters in cricket using ordered weighted averaging (OWA) operator and regression. The first stage measures the performance of batsmen using OWA operator followed by ranking of batting parameters using regression. The study reveals that the ranking obtained for batting parameters is not sensitive to changes in the OWA weights. A real dataset of 40 batsmen from Indian Premier League 2011 is considered for analysis purpose. Although this paper focuses only on the batting discipline the results from this paper can be extended to investigate bowling discipline using multiple parameters. These results can be implemented to enhance the quality of decision making.

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