Measured performance evaluation of a 1.4 kW grid connected desert type PV in Oman

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This article analyzes the measured results of 1.4 kWP grid connected photovoltaic plant. The facility is located in College of Engineering renewable energy research lab, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. The aim of this study is to analyze the desert type PV performance under Muscat governorate climate conditions. The system was monitored since April 2012 and the generated energy was fed into grid through the low voltage supply. Various performance parameters of the PV system were evaluated which include efficiencies (PV module, system and inverter), performance ratio, capacity factor, and different types of PV system losses and yields. The maximum values of recorded ambient temperature, daytime PV module temperature, and solar radiation, were 48.7 °C and 69.14 °C in June, and 1344 W/m2 in March, respectively. The experimental results show that the total measured annual energy produced was 2217.6 kWh whereas the annual average daily reference yield, array yield, and final yield were 6.36 kWh/kWP-day, 4.56 kWh/kWP-day, and 4.10 kWh/kWP-day, respectively. The average annual performance ratio and capacity factor were 0.65 and 0.17 respectively while the annual average system efficiency, module efficiency, and inverter efficiency were 15%, 17.2%, and 91%, respectively. Furthermore, the average annual capture losses, system losses, and cell temperature losses were 1.8 h/day, 0.47 h/day, and 0.27 h/day, respectively. The findings from this study are providing useful information to policy makers and others about the performance of desert type PV system in Oman. The influence of the dust on the energy output and efficiency are presented. It was found that for the desert type PV, the reduction in energy production was 10% when the modules left uncleaned.

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