Magnetization reversal and domains structures in (Co/Ni/Co/Pt) multilayers

S. Al Risi, R. Sbiaa*

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Multilayers of [Co/Ni(tNi)/Co/Pt]×4 are investigated for different Ni insertion layer thicknesses. The resulting magnetic properties and magnetic domain structures are compared with [Co/Ni]×8 multilayers. As determined by magneto-optical Kerr effect microscopy and a vibrating sample magnetometer measurements, all multilayers exhibited a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. It is found that the nucleation field and magnetic coercivity of [Co/Ni(t)/Co/Pt]×4 multilayers are lower than (Co/Ni)×8 and decreased with Ni thickness. Magnetization decay measurements reveal that these multilayers did not show an exponential decay behavior as was observed in rare earth transition metal alloys. Very narrow wires will remain stables for several hours even with an applied magnetic field closer to the coercivity. Insertion of very thin Ni in (Co/Pt) multilayers offers a good way to optimize the magnetic properties of the material and adjust the domain size for nanowire-based devices.

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