Magnetic ordering in Mg-Zn ferrites

A. A. Yousif*, M. Elzain, H. H. Sutherland, A. E. Abdelrahiem, S. A. Mazen

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The magnetic ordering of a series of magnesium-zinc ferrite, Zn0.3MgxFe2.7-xO4±δ (0.5≤x≤1.1; 0≤δ≤0.2) has been investigated using Mössbauer measurements in the temperature range 295-620 K. The samples were found to be magnetic at room temperature with a hyperfine field at each site which increases with iron content. The Curie temperature was also observed to increase in a similar manner. The slope of this increase for Bhf and Tc is steeper for x≤0.6 than x≥0.7. It has also been observed that Mg2+ substitution by Zn2+ in MgFe2O4 affects the magnetic ordering and the internal hyperfine field. The Curie temperature decreases by ∼200 K and Bhf by ∼20%.

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حالة النشرPublished - يوليو 1990

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