Mössbauer studies of Co0.5CdxFe 2.5-xO4 (0.0≤×≤0.5) ferrite

Shalendra Kumar*, A. M.M. Farea, Khalid Mujasam Batoo, Chan Gyu Lee, B. H. Koo, Ali Yousef, Alimuddin

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In the present work, we have studied the magnetic environment of Fe atoms in Cd-doped cobalt ferrite using Mössbauer spectroscopy. A series of six samples with Co0.05CdxFe2.5-xO4 compositions (0.0≤×≤0.5) was prepared by sol-gel technique and then investigated by X-ray diffraction at room temperature and Mössbauer spectroscopy measurements in the transmission geometry at 78 K. Results of the XRD measurements indicate that all samples exhibit a single-phase cubic spinel structure. The analysis of the Mössbauer spectra shows a decrease in hyperfine magnetic field decreases at A and B site on increasing the doping of Cd ions. The appearance of the paramagnetic doublet at x = 0.5 clearly indicates that A-B super-exchange decreases due to dilution of the sub-lattice by Cd ions. The isomer shift values calculated from the fitting of the Mössbauer spectra clearly indicate that the resolved sextets in studied samples are due to Fe3+ ions only.

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