Location aware business process deployment

Saqib Ali*, Torab Torabi, Hassan Ali

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Every action a business process performs must be explicitly anticipated, designed for and implemented by business professionals. Most of the current techniques specify business processes (BP) without incorporating all four Ws; Who, When, What and Where. These processes when used especially in logistics or supply chain applications will result in a BP becoming even more complicated and harder to customize. The business process is dependent upon business rules (BR), its resources to achieve its objectives. To overcome some of these issues we propose a location aware business process deployment framework. Using this framework we can integrate location awareness into the existing business processes. In this paper our focus would be on how the companies can adopt for their traditional business processes to be mobile. We have developed a case study using location aware methodologies into existing process for development of a more efficient and effective enterprise application.

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الحدثICCSA 2006: International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications - Glasgow, United Kingdom
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