Liquid-liquid equilibrium calculations for methanol-gasoline blends using continuous thermodynamics

F. Nasrollahi, Sh Roodpeyma, G. R. Vakili-Nezhaad*

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This work presents the application of continuous thermodynamics to investigate the limited miscibility of methanol-gasoline blends. To predict the liquid-liquid equilibrium of these systems, the Gaussian distribution function was used to represent the composition of paraffins in the gasoline. The naphthenes and aromatics were represented by model compounds. A model has been developed using three different continuous versions of the UNIFAC model. Methanol is an associating component, and association affects phase equilibria. Therefore, the CONTAS (continuous thermodynamics of associating systems) model based on the Flory-Huggins equation, for multicomponent methanol-gasoline blends has also been investigated. The predicted results including the cloud point curve, shadow curve and phase separation data have been compared with experimental data and good agreement was found for the two UNIFAC and CONTAS models.

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