Lifestyle habits among Sultan Qaboos University Students during COVID-19 “Stay-at-Home” Period

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The aim of the present study was to enhance our understanding of COVID-19 quarantine’s effect on lifestyle of Sultan Qaboos University students. 192 male and 186 female students completed an online multi-section questionnaire between 15th April and 1st May 2020 five weeks after the beginning the “stay at home” period. Almost 34% of the students gained between 2kg – 4kg weight during this period. We found that more than half of the students slept less than the recommend 7 hours of sleep. Also, 75% of the students spent most of their daily time in front of screen (e.g., mobile phone & computers). Approximately 70% of students exercised at home 3-4 times at light or moderate intensity per week with an increase of physical activity levels for most of them. In contrast 29.2 % of student engage in sedentary behaviours at home. The major effect of COVID-19 stay-at-home period on SQU students’ daily lifestyle had behaviours warrant the attention of SQU administrations and health practitioners to prevent or mitigate the potential adverse physical and psychological consequences.
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