Knowledge, attitudes, and practices (Kap) toward the covid-19 vaccine in oman: A pre-campaign cross-sectional study

Sabria Al-Marshoudi*, Haleema Al-Balushi, Adil Al-Wahaibi, Sulien Al-Khalili, Amal Al-Maani, Noura Al-Farsi, Adhari Al-Jahwari, Zeyana Al-Habsi, Maryam Al-Shaibi, Mahfoodh Al-Msharfi, Ahlam Al-Ismaili, Hood Al-Buloshi, Bader Al-Rawahi, Khalifa Al-Barwani, Seif Al-Abri

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Oman is globally acknowledged for its well-structured immunization program with high vaccination coverage. The massive spread of misinformation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the easy access to various media channels, may affect acceptance of a vaccine, despite the inherent trust in the local system. This cross-sectional study evaluated the knowledge, attitudes, and practice (KAP) in Oman toward COVID-19 vaccines. It included 3000 randomly selected adults answering a structured questionnaire via telephone. Participants were 66.7% Omani, 76% male, and 83.7% without comorbidities. Their mean age was 38.27 years (SD ± 10.45). Knowledge of COVID-19 s symptoms, mode of transmission, and attitudes toward the disease was adequate; 88.4% had heard of the vaccine, 59.3% would advise others to take it, 56.8% would take it themselves, and 47.5% would take a second dose. Males (CI = 2.37, OR = (2.00–2.81)) and non-Omanis (CI = 0.49, OR = (0.42–0.57)) were more willing to be vaccinated. The history of chronic disease, source of vaccine knowledge, and education level were factors that affected the willingness to accept the vaccine. The Omani community’s willingness to take the COVID-19 vaccine can be enhanced by utilizing social media and community influencers to spread awareness about the vaccine’s safety and efficacy.

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