Key Technologies for Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communication in 6G

Beenish Hassan*, Sobia Baig, Hafiz Muhammad Asif

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With the fifth generation communication system in the phase of deployment, the research community has focused its attention toward a higher frequency spectrum, data rate in terabits per second, latency lower than 1 ms, and ultrahigh reliability. Communication systems having such characteristics are expected to be rolled out in the sixth generation. This article presents key technology enablers for deployment in ultra-reliable and low-latency communications for 6G networks. In addition, the potential issues related to system security and spectrum management in 6G networks are also discussed. The significant technological enablers include machine learning, channel estimation, intelligent reflecting surfaces, terahertz communication, spectrum sharing, and system security, which possess the potential to revolutionaize the future of wireless communication networks.
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