Key drivers of Egyptian social work researchers' low preference for using qualitative research methods in social work studies

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Social work has a long history in applying qualitative research methods. Although the use of the qualitative approach in social work research helps enrich the research, many researchers in social work disciplines in Egypt still avoid using this method when implementing scientific studies in professional social work settings. This study investigates the key drivers of Egyptian social work researchers' low preferences for using qualitative research methods. An online survey was conducted using a non-probability snowball sampling technique scale. A total of 67 responses were received: 25 males and 42 females with ages ranging from 30 years old to more than 49 years old. Findings show that many factors are preventing the use of this type of method, such as the researchers' lack of skills in using the qualitative method, the researchers' lack of sufficient knowledge about this method in the different educational stages, the fear of not being able to do this type of research, and their preference for quantitative research. This study provides strategies for helping social work researchers apply qualitative research methods in their studies.

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